Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014


 Island of bali hold many hidden and cultural gems,. One reason why always something new to discover is flexibility Balinese local tradition itself, which actualy assimilate with outside culture, internationaly speaking. The culture can evolve as the interaction between Balinese and international tourist who brought their own variety culture and tradition.One of the highlight of those combination comes in shape of Mepantigan
Mepantigan is a combination of art and sport that founded and developed by Putu Witsen Widjaya. According to him, the martial art can make its practitioners gain physical fitness, release stress, and learn valuable lessons of comradeship and sportsmanship, because mepantigan emphasizes emotion and spiritual intelligence. He also believes that Mepantigan can develop characteristic and avoid violence while cultivating compassion. The uniqueness of mepantigan is its location or arena, which take place in wet and muddy fields. Often, muddy rice fields and beach are also being used to hold the fight. There are three levels of mepantigan: beginner, intermediate, and advance.
The different of mepantigan from the other martial art is the element of Balinese traditional dama shown during the fight, consisting of traditional dance, costume, or even mask wore by the contestant. Mainly, the drama was taken from story of Kebo Iwa, Balinese legendary warrior from the 14 century. Mepantigan is not a man only sport,  women can also participate in this unique sport and because the technique is actually all that matter, stronger and heavier physical appearance doesn't always mean instant victory. One can beat larger opponent with ease despite of gender and body size in this sport, as long as they master the right technique and timing.

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